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March 2019

The SLEEP Lab had a busy week in DC! Leah and Mike both presented posters at the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s annual conference in DC. Leah presented her work titled “The Role of Visual Attention in the Development of a Personalized Sleep Health Improvement Plan” and Mike presented “Exercise is Not Associated with Subsequent Night Sleep Duration or Continuity.”

Mike completed his one year appointment as the Sleep SIG Student Liaison, and was elected to serve as the Sleep SIG Program Development Chair for the next two years.

Allison was elected to serve as the Sleep SIG Sudent Liaison, and will serve in that position for the following year.


January 2019

The SLEEP Lab published a manuscript from our Profile Project data.

Mason, T. B., Engwall, A., Mead, M., & Irish, L. (accepted). Sleep and eating disorders among adults enrolled in a commercial diet program: Associations with self-report and objective sleep measures. Eating and Weight Disorders.

December 2018

Congratulations to Allison for successfully defending her thesis and earning her Master’s degree!

August 2018

Congratulations to Mike for achieving doctoral candidacy! He successfully defended his area paper titled “Application of Health Behavior Theory to Sleep Health Improvement.”

May 2018

We celebrated another successful year in the SLEEP Lab! This year’s theme was Harry Potter Houses, and sorted the lab members into different “houses.” As always, it was a very fun and productive year in the lab and we cannot thank our RA’s enough for all of the tremendous work they provide!

We also said goodbye to three graduating RA’s who had been lab members for a long time. We will miss Amanda, Rachel, and Zoe and we wish them the best in their future careers!


April 2018

Congratulations to Mike and Allison for presenting their work at the Society of Behavioral Medicine in New Orleans!

Allison presented a poster titled: “I was paranoid millipedes were in my bed…” and other

reasons young adults voluntarily restrict their sleep.

Mike presented two posters:

  • Dual effects model of social control: Extending the model to 24-hour health behavior
  • 24-hour health behavior: Daily influence of sleep and waking health behaviors.

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Mike was also elected as the the student liaison for the the Sleep SIG board and is excited to serve in that position for the next year! Lastly, the SBM fantasy leagues celebrated a fun season, and Mike will be a league commissioner next season!



Spring 2018

Congratulations to several of our RA’s getting accepted into graduate programs!

Zoe will be starting her Master’s in Social Work this fall at St. Catherine/St. Thomas.

Courtney will be starting her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Mississippi State University.

Brandon will be starting his Master’s in Counseling this fall at the University of North Dakota.

Kayla will be starting her PhD in Clinical Psychology this fall at the University of Kansas.

Anna will be starting her Master’s in Public Health this fall at North Dakota State University.

Amanda will be starting her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at North Dakota State University.

Ellen will be starting her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University

Tyler will be starting his MBA in Health Care Administration at the University of Iowa.

March 2018

Congratulations to Leah and Mike for presenting their  work at the American Psychosomatic Society conference in Louisville, Ky.

Leah’s presentation was titled “Does Cutting Caffeine Intake Improve Sleep?”

Mike’s presentation was titled “The Link Between Social Contexts and Self-Reported Sleep in Rural Adolescents.” Mike was also selected to present this work as part of a Trainee Data Blitz.aps-2018.jpg

July 2017

Mike was recently accepted into the Sleep Research Society Mentor Program, which provides opportunities to work with researchers outside of your University.  Mike is working with Dr. Kelly Baron, a clinical health psychologist at Rush University in Chicago.  Mike had a great week of work in Chicago, and even got to experience receiving CPAP therapy!RUSH visit

June 2017

Congratulations to Mike for successfully defending his Thesis and earning his Master’s Degree!

Thesis Defense

Spring 2017

Congratulations to a couple of our RA’s getting accepted into graduate programs!

Leah will be starting her Master’s of Public Health, with a focus in community health promotion, this coming fall at the University of Minnesota.

Bekah will be starting her Doctorate in Chiropractic care at University of Western States.

May 2017


lab party senior

Celebrating another successful year in the SLEEP Lab!  This year, the theme of our party was superheroes and everyone got to take home their own award!

lab party

March 2017

Congratulations to Alli for presenting her work at the Society for Behavioral Medicine Conference in San Diego, CA! Her presentation was titled “The Relationship Between Sleep Health and Weight Loss History.”

alli san diego


December 2016

Celebrating the conclusion of another great semester with the SLEEP Lab!



August 2016

A big welcome to our new graduate student joining the SLEEP Lab, Alli Engwall! She joins us from Iowa State, where she completed her B.S. in psychology.

Alli Website Pic

Congrats to Mike on his peer reviewed manuscript!

Mead, M.P. & Irish, L. A. (2016). Spousal influence on CPAP adherence: Applications of health-related social control.  Social and Personality Psychology Compass. 443-454.

June 2016

Congratulations to Mike as he presented his poster at the annual SLEEP Conference in Denver!  His poster was titled “The Bidirectional Relationship of Sleep and Physical Activity.”

Presenting at Denver


This year was a big senior send-off with several of our undergraduate students leaving the lab to pursue their goals!  Best wishes to Leah Jesser, Morgan Wangler, Courtney Bolstad, Ian Dulka, and Ellen Honsa as you begin the next chapter of life as college grads!! Work hard, play hard, and don’t forget your cowbell.

April 2016

The SLEEP Lab had a busy week! Congratulations to all of our undergraduates who presented at the 30th Annual Red River Psychology Conference at NDSU.

Anna Montgomery and Amanda Jensen: “Time for Dinner?  The Association between Evening Meal Timing and Sleep.”



Courtney Bolstad and Hannah Ganskop: “The Influence of Perceived Social Support on Sleep.”


Kayla Bjorlie: “The Eeyore Effect: The Influence of Perception on the Relationship Between Sleep and Depression.”



Keaton Rummel: “The Impact of Sleep Extension on Academic Performance.”



December 2015

Congratulations to Kayla Bjorlie on her graduation from NDSU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in writing! Here she is with her graduation present from the lab, a pug mug!


Congratulations to Kayla Bjorlie and Leah Jesser on presenting their honors theses on December 11th! Kayla’s presentation was titled “The Influence of Perception on the Relationship between Sleep and Depression”. Leah’s presentation was titled “Does Sleep Quality Impact Empathy and Altruism?”


November 2015

Congratulations to Morgan Wangler and Keaton Rummel on presenting their honors theses at NDSU Department of Psychology’s Colloquium series!  Morgan’s presentation was titled “The Interplay of Sleep and Physical Activity.”  Keaton’s presentation was titled “The Impact of Sleep Extension on Academic Performance.”


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June 2015

Congratulation to Kayla Bjorlie on her acceptance to the University of South Florida Summer Research Fellowship. Enjoy the sunshine!

May 2015

Congratulations to Tyler Ust and Zac Colvin on their graduation from NDSU! Tyler plans to pursue a degree in medicine, while Zac is exploring his career opportunities and hopes to continue his professional involvement in football inspired by his successful college football career (Go Bison! FCS National champs 2011-2014!)



The First Annual Sleepy Awards (The Sleepys)! Thanks to the entire lab for a great year!


 April 2015

The SLEEP lab had a great showing at the Red River Valley Psychology Conference! Posters were presented by Ellen Honsa, Leah Jesser, Keaton Rummel, and Morgan Wangler.

red river 2014

 December 2014

Lab Christmas Party 2014- enjoy your holiday break!

Christmas 2014